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1985 vs. Rinse the Raindrops

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These are two of my favorite Macca Solo songs that he did.  They're unexpected, anthemic closers to their respective albums, and I usually group them together because they kick so much ass.

Which one do you prefer?

I like both of these songs too. I voted for 1985 because,,,,well, its a classic and i've always loved it. 'Rinse the Raindrops' is good too and I like the power and pace of the song, but,,,(heaven help me), I dont really like Pauls voice in this song. It just sounds like he's straining to me, but dont get me wrong,,,,again, I like both of them.

(not to many people fond of 'Driving Rain' around here either for some reason so 'RTR' may not have been heard by a lot of people)

I prefer Ninteen Hundred and Eighty Five


--- Quote from: ma_tt2 ---I prefer Ninteen Hundred and Eighty Five
--- End quote ---

I pick Ninteen Hundred and Eighty Five too. The song is just a great and classic song. I always enjoy listening to it. Macca was in his prime(solo years) when he wrote it.


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