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Beatles Anthology Directors Cut

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Beatles Anthology Directors Cut (you have to scroll down a bit cause the pics aren't working)

Does anybody know if this is available, other than e-bay? Is it any good? Appreciate any information about this item. Thanks.

I think The End has it.

The End:
Yes, I have it and, personally speaking, I was REALLY pleased with it!

But what you should bear in mind is that the only real differences to the official release are the interviews, with George Martin, Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor and George Harrison, which are a lot more in-depth - evidently a lot of George H's REALLY honest comments were edited out.

Apart from this it is pretty much the same - apart from the fact that it ends some time in 1969; there is no split!

Cheers Alan.
Thanks for the information, still only have the video edition of the Anthology and was looking round for some DVD editions, prizes and things. That's how I found the Directors Cut version, and was puzzeled because it wasn't available at amazone or similar.
Anyway - if you say the 'normal' DVD Anthology edition will do - I trust you ;)
Maybe I can get it for my Birthday - if not, I'll have to buy it myself  ;D


--- Quote from: The_End --- evidently a lot of George H's REALLY honest comments were edited out.

--- End quote ---

Can you tell us more of this? An example?


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