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The End:
Here's a new game - ask a question and whoever is the first to get it right (or wrong!) asks the next question. If their answer was wrong - it doesn't matter we can continue on regardless (but supply the correct answer).

Keep the questions fairly simple because then we can ALL fight to be the first to answer!! :)

Here we go...

Who sang the "aaaaaaahs"... ha ha, no - just kidding!!! ;D

What were the first and last words sung by The Beatles when we first heard them in 1962 and last heard them in 1970?

I must say this is becoming a game forum, with all these heal/hurt and other games... But alright:

Question 1: It was John AND Paul singing the aaah's, lol!

Question 2: Love, love me do and Let it be

Is that correct?

Next: who plays the horn on For No One?

Alan Civil.

In which Beatles song do they sing "Frere Jacques" in the background?

Paperback Writer

Tell me which albums were origin-alley released in another season different to summer or autumn ... (UK market)...

Call that easy?


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