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Bill Harry.....straight shooter????

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Hi Bill - We [face=Times]  [size=18] love   [/size]   [/face] you on this forum! And I bet all the Beatles fans in the world would love to meet you anywhere, anytime, even including that Beatles Fest thing. My offer is still open to you ... if you ever come to San Antonio, drop me a PM, and I'm good for at least 1 (pitcher!) of Margaritas!


--- Quote from: 1062 ---With my first book on John Lennon, the publishers charged me four thousand pounds for including publicity photos of people like Elton John and they sent all my originaly photos by mistake to some New York agency and I never got them back. These things happen with publishers.
--- End quote ---

4000 pounds for Elton's mug, that's awful!

Too bad you didn't use this:

Now that's a 4000 pound photo!

Here's an article about a new book of Bill's  :)

--- Quote ---At the start of the Swinging Sixties, Liverpool was a remarkable place, about to take the world by storm. Mersey Beat was born. A global revolution, based on a thriving Liverpool scene would change rock music and fashion forever, dominate the music charts at home and overseas, and influence generations of musicians to come.

Bigger Than The Beatles, written by highly-respected Mersey Beat author Bill Harry, is a fascinating and entertaining insight into the cultural phenomenon that was Merseyside in the 1960s, featuring rare and excusive pictures from the archives.
--- End quote ---


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