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Why is it that old rock is better than new rock?

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You'd think it'd the other way around.. oh well.

because simpler is better.....

The older stuff really isn't that simple IMO.. it sounds better too

Many reasons.  ALthough yours is a rather broad statement...not all old rock is better, there was a LOT of sh*te back then.  Old people tend to forget the clunkers.

Music now is a commodity tho, not a generational voice.  It was the same in the 50's and early 60's, then the Beatle revolution up to Woodstock.  SO in that manner the 60's were a special time for music with some guts to it.  But certainly there has been good music made since then as well.

Wayne L.:
It's like comparing apples & oranges or Led Zeppelin & The Darkness.


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