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Early Beatles Promo Cards

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I have 6 black and white promo cards each with Parlophone logo approx 10 x 6 inches in size, dating from 1963 to 1968. All 6 are group photos. They are original and in mint condition. They are definitely not digital reproductions as they have been in my loft for over 20 years until I rediscovered them recently. Has anyone got any idea if they have any value?


arc would be your hook up on that...he deals with that more than us.....any of us would love to have them...why not ask for an offer....what are they worth to you????
i am american any don't have much imported stuff so don't let one of these limey bastards steer you clear of my offer....kidding we all love each other...most times...well any way i am interested in them cards....so some body let us know b4 i offer up my wife.....shoot i'll go look after i eat...gotta go do that now...see ya in a bit......

Steve D,
I don't think that 100 Pounds a piece is out of the question if they are truly Promo only originals. This of course is just an estimate but put them up on Ebay at a start of say...60 Pounds each with a reserve of 100 pounds each and take it from there. Ok? Hope this helps. ARC

Thanks for your replies pc31 and ARC65

ARC, looking at your reply are you saying to list them as seperate lots rather than together as one lot?


yeah thats a good angle if you need the cash......


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