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Do you think Hollywood is losing its influence?

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Wayne L.:
I think Hollywood is losing its influence in movies with the general public because of crap like ridiculous remakes like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Starsky & Hutch along with Bush bashing films like Fahrenheit 9/11 by liberal blowhard Michael Moore & The Day After Tomorrow with Hollywood alienating about 50% of its audience in America.  I think Hollywood is losing its influence politically because the general public doesn't care what self important stars like Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin & Martin Sheen have to say even though they have a right to say it because they're so damn predictable it's pathetic because there's a Republican in the White House speaking as a non-partisan Independent political watcher.

It is. Because it's full of sh*t.
It made good films decades ago, but it's over now.
Plus, American films are highly overrated contrary to European ones. Hollywood's everywhere... But all those blunt and stupid action movies just wash people's brain.

Wayne's blast is more about his right wing politics than Holywood.  Therefore this really doesn't merit an answer.

I actually went and watched The Day After Tomorrow last night
with Jake. We went and saw it at 12:10 in Lacy so it was

The End:
I saw The Day After Tomorrow last Sunday (hope that makes sense!). I thought the first half was great - loads of tornadoes, HUGE waves and hail stones etc. But the only real excitement in the 2nd half was when the "heroes" are trying to out-run frost!! Yeah, frost! LOL! The film-makers must have realised how dull that was, so they threw in a wolf-attack to liven things up a bit!

The film has a very important message though - I hope it's not lost in all those special effects!


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