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Wayne L.:
I think Paul is out of his mind mentally when it comes to be being a so called  animal rights activist as well as supporting the radical animal rights group PETA since he's almost to the extreme of Chrissie Hynde without the lunacy because I don't care if he's a vegetarian but his holier than thou attitude about it is pathetic.  McCartney being against the Iraq war is kind of common sense instead of the predictable Hollywood celebrity liberal rant against the war because a Republican is in the White House by the likes of Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins even though I personally think Iraq will turn into a positive for the administration before the election speaking as a non-partisan political watcher. 

I think you are out of your mind.

Oh well.  One man's meat.....

(Non-partisan???!!!  LOFL!!!  What a load!)

Wayne L.:
I don't know why you're taking what I said about Paul so personally unless you have some mental problems of your own pal.  I think McCartney is out of his mind when it comes to his holier than thou attitude being a vegetarian & animal rights activist.  I like animals, I eat meat, I eat vegetables, I don't feel guilty, if Paul doesn't likre it, too damn bad.  I'm not a card carrying Republican or Democrat since I'm an Independent even though I think John Kerry is going to lose against George W. Bush in November. 


Wayne L.:


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