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ItsOnlyRocknRoll.com JUNE AUCTION

Our upcoming Rock n Roll, Music & Entertainment Auction will be a very exciting event. Previews are going up on our website with more added daily. We will go live in June and close on Saturday, June 24th. Get ready for the amazing stuff we have secured for your bidding and collecting pleasure.

Beginning with a John Lennon "Hard Days Night" outfit, his Ivor Novello award for "She's Leaving Home," and his Vox Python guitar strap. Over 50 Beatles autographs including a receipt signed by the five original Beatles, a fantastic Brian Epstein business card signed by all, and a Beatles Royal Command Performance backstage pass signed by the boys. There are rare posters and displays including a 1964 Philadelphia concert poster, the very rare promotional poster for The Beatles Second Album, and a stunning "Help!" motorized Motion display in the original box.

We'll showcase an amazing Elvis Presley toy collection with the rare doll, very scarce board game, and two very early hand painted concert posters / signs.

An important collection of Jimi Hendrix lyrics, documents and contracts, posters, autographs and programs that include his original writings for "Black Gold," his last ever project!

Rare Rolling Stones films and audio and Jerry Garcia's earliest soundtrack recording from 1964 are also up for grabs. Even an incredible handwritten letter from Bob Dylan to Jerry Garcia. The original art for Trip Or Freak by Mouse, Kelley and Griffin. How about a 37-page, 15 song Bruce Springsteen handwritten lyric notebook from 1968.

This will be some event. We have Beatles toys, autographs, records, awards, celebrity owned wardrobe and personal items. The auction also includes Famous Guitars including Ace Freheley's KISS guitar, Steve Jones Sex Pistols guitar, Lesley West's childhood and other guitars, Molly Hatchet Dave Hlubek's Explorer, Larry Hoppen's 1957 Stratocaster, Nils Lofgren's Takamine from the Bruce Springsteen E Street Reunion tour. Dave Mason's guitar, John Sebastian's guitar and lots more. We alss have Mountain drummer Corky Laing's original working lyrics for "Mississippi Queen" and many other songs.

Nobody finds posters like we do. Nobody! Highlights include Rolling Stones 1965 Montreal, Motortown Revue Cardboard poster, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson, the earliest Muddy Waters poster, a cardboard windowcard poster for the Singer Owl with Hendrix, The Who and The Doors, and stunners from Cream, Janis, Dylan, Grateful Dead, Velvet Underground, Alan Freed, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and too many more to list. Plus the David Gest Collection part 2, with many significant concert posters

Our newest catalog addition is "Rock The House," where you can bid on private concerts at your location or corporate event, guitar or drum lessons from stars, and studio recording experiences with the artists participating. Stars include Jack Bruce, Mountain, Nils Lofgren, Rick Derringer, Felix Cavalieri, Dave Mason, Edgar Winter and many others.

Here are some the Fab, Gear, Groovy Items up for Bid:

1. John Lennon

Why did John get an award for She's Leaving Home, it doesn't make any sense. Some of the items look like they'll get really pricy, I'd love to have any of those Beatles items.


--- Quote from: ma_tt2 ---Why did John get an award for She's Leaving Home, it doesn't make any sense.
--- End quote ---

He was listed as a co-writer.

Did he have any part in writing it?


--- Quote from: ma_tt2 ---Did he have any part in writing it?
--- End quote ---

Yes, he said in an interview he helped with the middle and that the lines like "we sacrificed most of our lives" where he echoed paul's lines, were actually things that his aunt Mimi used to say to him.


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