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 ;D Hurrah! My mailbox is the first one!
Welcome everybody who just wanna say hi to me :)

The End:
Hi Dmitry!

Thanks for sorting this out - should be an interesting new feature.

Like the lay out by the way!


Wayne L.:
Hey Dmitry.  I read your private message that you sent me a few months ago I believe.  I don't care if there are some punks on here who want to jokingly harass or intimidate me.  They don't know me personally at all, this happens on the net sometimes & it's no big deal to me anymore.  I'm not going to get angry, because there's nothing to get angry about, if they get upset about my comments.  I'm just here as a dedicated Beatles fan, who wants to talk about the Beatles, as well as other things & internet punks are fairies anyway.  

Hi Dimitry, never got a chance to post with you before, great site you have here, and a great forum  ;D

all hail the master!! we who are about to drink, salute you!


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