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Whenever you want to write a note or just say hello to someone who established his/her own mailbox, please do.
Just use it as you would send a postcard or phone a friend every now and then....you know socialise :)

Oh, and....please be nice to each other cause....all we are saying...is give peace a chance

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The End:
Oooh, you're SO bossy!!!


Thanks for putting forward the idea Kate ;D

 ;D yeah I like to be bossy...wink wink nudge nudge ;)

The End:

The End:
Just thought that I'd mention - this wonderful idea for Member's Mailboxes was inspired by "The Beatles Forum", where the idea originally came from.

I would thoroughly recommend checking out this new site - it's a great page lay out too!


Anyway, I hope they wont mind us using their idea :-)


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