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--- Quote from: The_End ---Just thought that I'd mention - this wonderful idea for Member's Mailboxes was inspired by "The Beatles Forum", where the idea originally came from.

I would thoroughly recommend checking out this new site - it's a great page lay out too!


Anyway, I hope they wont mind us using their idea :-)
--- End quote ---

Actually this idea is also used by MSN and some other forums/sites e.g. here:http://p089.ezboard.com/frefundexpresschitchatfrm30

Should we ask their permission?  ;D

Only if someone patented this idea ;D

Its cool that its being used, but i'm not sue I understand its purpose. If you want to say hi or something to a member,,,,,,thats what PM's are for. Am I missing something that the personal mailboxes have to offer?

The End:
I think PMs are more between two individuals, whereas this is a like a community PM! :)


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