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Author Topic: Beatles References in modern shows  (Read 75170 times)

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #80 on: July 20, 2008, 08:44:59 PM »

It's a great gangster movie!
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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #81 on: July 20, 2008, 08:54:55 PM »

I'm watching some food show, not sure which, but I heard the beginning of Dizzy Miss Lizzy in the background.


Too cool, yah?


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #82 on: July 20, 2008, 09:07:53 PM »

I should watch it I guess.
I've heard about the ketchup joke. ;D


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #83 on: July 20, 2008, 09:50:56 PM »


one of my favourite bands covering one of my favourite bands ;)


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #84 on: July 20, 2008, 09:51:59 PM »

Quote from: 610
Not really modern, but there's this Only Fools and Horses epi where Rodney is in a band, being the drummer, and Del Boy calls him Ringo ;D

And in a Midsomer Murders episode called The Axeman Cometh, there was also a drummer who got called Ringo.

And also, there was something in the paper last week... a photo of MPs walking to some meeting with the Prime Minister, and in the photo they were crossing the road Abbey-Road-style. Later there was a little article about the photographer, saying he did it on purpose this way coz he's a Beatlemaniac ;D

they also use Macca's Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey in the episode Uncle Albert decides to run away from home


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #85 on: July 22, 2008, 05:48:47 AM »

I saw a movie preview today for some movie starring Ricky Gervais. It actually looks pretty cute. He dies temporarily and can now see dead people. Not very original, but if anyone can make it funny... ANYWAY, during the preview they used I'm Looking Through You and it was the ACTUAL Beatles version!! How is that possible??!! I thought that was next to impossible?? What's going on!!!

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #86 on: July 22, 2008, 07:29:16 AM »

I watched Shrek 3 with my little cousins one day. And at the part where the "magical frog" i guess, dies. All the sudden, so unexpectedly, here comes Paul's beautiful voice singing "Live and Let Die". My mouth literally dropped for a second. hah
I thought that was so cool of them, to put that song on a kid's movie. Well of course, the kids probably don't know who Paul is, much less The Beatles, but the whole idea of it was pretty genius.
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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #87 on: July 22, 2008, 11:32:23 PM »

Yea I thought that was pretty cool on Shrek  8)

The Shrek movies are super cute! I heart Pus in Boots!
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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #88 on: July 23, 2008, 05:12:49 PM »

hha yeah me too.
He's a cute character.
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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #89 on: July 23, 2008, 10:22:38 PM »

Also from Pulp Fiction is the scene at Jackrabbit Slim's where Mia (Uma Thurman) tells Vincent (Travolta) that there are Elvis people and Beatles people, and while you can like both of them, no one can like them equally.  Then I think she tells him that he's an Elvis man.

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #90 on: July 24, 2008, 03:32:28 AM »

I love Elvis but, The Beatles are my one true addiction. lol
"..Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind.."

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #91 on: July 24, 2008, 06:09:55 PM »

I remember spongebob episode called "Krabby Road", The episode's title is a play on Abbey Road by The Beatles (the back cover is also parodied in the title card)

also many animation personages were The Beatles parodies, like, Alvin and the Chipmunks sang most famous "beatlesmania (1963-1964)" era songs, in their lp album (released somewhere in the middle of 1960s)

also warner brothers "looney tunes" (does anybody remember Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck?) were also did the same as the Chipmunks, they also sang Beatlemania songs and released lp.

also I remember episode from the movie "the rock" where nicolas cage character "Stanley Goodspeed" waiting something from post, and when he get that post, one asked: "what's that"? Stanley show The Beatles album: meet the beatles.

from the movie called "a bronx tale" there was scene that italian mafioso fighting versus bikers who destroyed their bar, and when they started to fight them, you can clearly hear The Beatles - come together.

movie "I Am Sam" was most based by The Beatles songs, and when sean penn babe was born, he named her, Lucy Diamond Dawson (lucy in the sky with diamonds)

I know this is not reference to the The Beatles, but reference to the John Lennon, in martin scorsese "The Departed":
Jack Nicholson asked: Do you know John Lennon?
DiCaprio: Yeah, sure, he was the president before Lincoln
Nicholson: Lennon said, "I'm an artist. You give me a f***ing tuba, I'll get you something out of it."
DiCaprio: Well I tell you Mr. Costello, I'd like to squeeze some f***ing money out of it.
Nicholson: Smart mouth. Too bad. If you'll indulge me...
Nicholson: The point I'm making with John Lennon is - a man could look at anything, and make something out of it. For instance, I look at you and I think "what could I use you for?"


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #92 on: July 24, 2008, 06:48:14 PM »

On the show "True Life: I'm Deaf", it had this one guy, who is actually really cute, and he was wearing this Let It Be shirt.


Too cool, yah?

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #93 on: July 24, 2008, 06:53:09 PM »

Beatle Movie References:

Almost Famous (2000)
The lead character in this movie is named "Penny Lane"
When William is talking on the phone with the Rolling Stone office, the RS issue "Lennon Remembers" (part 1) is hanging on the wall in the background.
When William tells Stillwater that they will be on the cover of the Rolling Stone, the lead singer of the band is all excited and says "The first issue I bought had the Beatles on it.  The Beatles!  There were four of them, and there are four of us!!!"

Austin Prowler(1999)
Dr. girl private says "The Bay City Rollers?  I am sure they did better than the Beatles or the Stones. I hated those two bands"

Bird on a Wire
A woman was talking about a famous hotel and mentions "George Harrison has stayed here"

Brassed Off
Phil[as Mr. Chuckles] What's He doing? He can take John Lennon. He can take those three young lads down at Ainsley Pit. He's even thinking of taking my old man. And Margaret bloody Thatcher lives! What's He sodding playing at, eh?

Cactus Flower
There is a scene in a record store where you can see the Rubber Soul album on display.

Can't Buy Me Love
At the very end of the movie,  the song

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #94 on: July 24, 2008, 07:08:35 PM »

hah wow.
You know a lot.
"..Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind.."

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
« Reply #95 on: July 24, 2008, 07:13:39 PM »

The A-team
    The A-Team somehow end up in Australia.  Murdock, impersonating a strict Royal officer, busts into a militant outpost, and berates the men for not  being up to code, not dressing formally as a british outpost, and worst of all,   "...Having no original pressings of " Hey Jude"...".

The Addams Family
    In one episode, Uncle Fester has invented a tonic that grows hair on whatever it's applied to.  Gomez and Morticia notice as they walk through the house that various household items are now very hairy. When they come to Fester's bedroom door to talk with him about this, they see that his doorknob has hair on it.  Gomez says "look, a doorknob with a Beatles haircut!"

The Andy Griffith Show
    In one episode, Opie and Goober are talking about Opie's being in a rock&roll band. Goober asks Opie excitedly, if he thinks they'll be as big as "...them Beagles..". Opie corrects him by saying, "...Beatles, Goob."

Angry Beavers
    The group recorded a hit disco record and were at #1 when one of the members declared that they are "bigger than sliced bread."  Suddenly there is an outrage in the press, and bonfire are held to burn copies of "The Bark Album".   The beaver who made this awful remark hold a press conference where he holds up a slice of bread and indicated that they were actually bigger than the slice of bread in size.  Fans go back to get their copies of "The Bark Album" and burn themselves in the process.  <This sounds like a bit of a Rutles reference as well, doesn't it?  SS>

    In the 1996 tv movie, "Project Alf" Alf is shown a picture of Yassir Arafat and asked to identify him. He responds, "Oh, he was the drummer for the Beatles." Later, a Senator claims that she has met Yassir and "Not only is he better looking, he is a better drummer."

American Dreams
This show, which is about several families in Philidelphia in 1964 shows a girl holding a Beatles sign and screaming during the opening credits

On episode 11 (orginal air date: 1/5/03),  called "I want to hold your hand." Beatlemania hits.  There is much footage of the lads coming to America.  The Bandstand show is having an all Beatles program that day, and I want to hold your hand is the number one song!  The dancers are seen singing along to the song and dancing to it.  Then in the record shop, they are all sold out of the 45 of I wanna hold your hand, and several Beatles posters and pictures are seen in the background.  The younger sister is listening to her sisters albums and is looking forward to seeing them on Ed Sullivan on Sunday night.  The family can be seen watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.
On episode 12 (orginal air date: 1/12/03)  Meg and her friend were standing in line attempting to get tickets to the Philadelphia Beatles Concert
On episode 29 (orginal air date:  10/19/03) Roxanne is beginning to date a new boy who is in a band.  Meg compairs their relationship to that of Paul McCartney and Jane Asher.  Also the song "All my Lovin'" is performed (not the Beatles version, obviously)
Episode 32 was titled "ticket to ride"

The Animaniacs
    Episode #73,  A Hard Day's Warner is a parody of The Beatles movie, A Hard Day's Night. Please follow this link to Wakko Warner's Animaniacs/Beatles web page for the full script of this episode.
    In "Plane Pals" (ep. #22), the Warners give their plane seat mate -- this grouchy, stuck up, man -- a hard time. The man, getting' fed upp, turns to Wakko Warner, who smiles sweetly at him and says, "How's about a kiss?"
     In "Garage Sale of the Century" (ep. #12): When Wakko pushes the button on the remote to get two people to rotate through 180 degrees, the two people appear to be Yoko Ono and Julian Lennon
      In "Noah's Lark" (ep. #33): "Noah's line '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. All goo children go to heaven. etc.' is from the Beatles' song "You Never Give Me Your Money" off of Abbey Road."
     In "Spellbound" (ep. #38): "In Merlin's incantation for making blueberry pie, Yoko Ono is mentioned."
     <All of this Faboo information can be found on Wakko Warner's Animaniacs/Beatles web page>

The Avengers
    In the episode called "The girl from Auntie" four brothers are found killed by knitting needles:  John, Paul, George...and Fred. (original air date: January 1966)
     In the episode called "The See through man" an Ambassador from the east side of the Iron Curtain, Sergei Brodny, says that he doesn't want to return to his country because he has tickets for a Beatles concert. (original air date:  February 1967)

The Beverly Hillbillies
    There is an episode where Mr. Drysdale asked Miss Jane to get the Beatles to play at Elle-May's party and offered to pay them $100.

Boy Meets World
    In the episode that has the Monkees in it, the manager from the Partridge family comes in and tells them that he can make them "bigger than the Beatles" After he leaves, they all look at each other and say "bigger than the Beatles?  Nah!"
    In the episode where Cory and Lauren go out, before they leave, Lauren says goodbye to Shawn and Shawn says, "Oh, stop trying to butter me up, Yoko!", because Lauren broke Cory and Topanga up.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    There is an entire episode of this tv show called "the Yoko factor". Here is some dialogue from that episode.

          Spike: "It's called 'the Yoko factor.' Don't tell me you've never
                      heard of the Beatles."
         Adam: "I have. I like 'Helter Skelter.'"
         Spike: "What a surprise. The point is, they were once a real
                     powerful group. It's not a stretch to say they ruled the
                     world. When they broke up, everyone blamed Yoko,
                     but the fact is, the group split itself up, she just
                     happened to be there. And you know how it is with
                     kids.  They go off to college, they grow apart.  Way
                    of the world."

    A Spaceship lands at Catdog's house and four Beatle-esque aliens walk off the ship with their instruments.  One of the guitarists says "excuse me mates, which way to Shea Stadium?"

    The three witches on the show are in a portal that can transport them into the past. The white lighter asks them if they want to go into the past. One of the girls asks if they can meet John Lennon.

People were dressed up as animals and one was called "Rocky Racoon"

Dark Skies
    An Alien plan to exploit the Beatles' appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show is uncovered in an episode called "Dark Day's Night."

Dawson's Creek (January 12, 2000)
    In an episode called " Barefoot at Capefest" Joey gives Dawson an "Imagine" poster (the one from the 1988 movie). And this dialogue takes place:
          Joey: Do you remember? Do you remember that summer we
                   came across a pile of Mitch and Gale's old Beatles
                   albums, and listened to them on the porch everyday for
         Dawson: Grams kept on yelling for us to turn down that
                        hippy music.
        Joey: Yeah... and you wanted to be John Lennon. You
                  wanted to write songs and change the world with your
        Dawson: I did?
       Joey: You did. You weren't just about Spielberg. You
                 weren't limited. You... you were about so many things.
                I just wanted to remind you of that.(hands the poster
                to Dawson) I also wanted to remind you that, even
                though sometimes my emotions, particularly jealousy,
                uhh, sometimes get the best of me, I still hear you.
                No matter how much we yell, or, no matter how quiet
                you are. I hear you, Dawson.
       Dawson: I hear you too, Joey.
      Joey: Listen, I know what's going inside of you is
               huge. It's okay if you don't share it with me. Just
               promise me you'll keep trying to share it with
      Dawson: (gesturing the poster) Do you want to give me
                     a hand?
      (They both climb on the bed and hang it up.)
      Dawson: Hmm. So what do you think? You think John here
                     will inspire me to walk my own path?
     Joey: You've always walked your own path, Dawson. You
               just needed to widen it a little. And be on the look
               out for your Yoko.
   (followed by "Imagine" playing as the credits roll)

  Degrassi Jr. High
    In one episode Wheels has to get glasses, and Joey tells him that he will have to take his glasses off when he plays with the band, because "who ever heard of a rock star wearing glasses?"  And Wheels replies to him "What about John Lennon?"
    Joey Jerimiah has a Sgt. Pepper's poster hanging in his bedroom

Different Strokes
    There is an episode about Willis' new band, the Afro-deciacts, where his girlfriend, Charlene (played by Janet Jackson), and his sister, Kimberly, are both up for the part of lead singer.    In the end both girls are singing the Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder 1980's classic "Ebony and Ivory"
    In an episode about Arnold's height, he goes to see Dr. Robert.

    There is an episode called "Doug Rocks" where Doug and Skeeter win tickets to see their favorite rock group, the Beets, but miss it due to Skeeter being grounded. (Ashley luvsGeorge tells me that The Beets are a reoccurring British rock band that are very similar to the
Beatles.  That one of the members look very  much like John and another like Ringo.)

Dr. Who (1973 BBC)
  The Three Doctors
   Episode 1
   2nd Doctor:You see Jo, I may call you Joe Mayn't I?
   Jo: (shakes head yes)
   2nd Doctor:See he is one of me.
   Jo: Oh I see, your both time lords.
   2nd Doctor:  Well quite, Well not quite, not not just timelords were the same timelord.
   3rd Doctor: Oh Please, Your only confusing my assistant, Jo it's all quite
   simple. I am he and he is me.
   Jo:  We are all together goo goo gatchoo.
   Together:  3rd Doctor:  What?   2nd Doctor: huh?
   Jo:   It's a song by the Beatles.
   2nd Doctor:     How does it go? (ready to play his flute)
   3rd Doctor:     Oh Please, be quiet.

The Drew Carey Show
    There is an episode where Drew, Oswald, Lewis, and Kate are in a band together.  Kate is the lead singer, and sings very much off key, "A Taste of Honey" (which is song the Beatles covered...so is this really a reference?  )

Early Edition
    In one episode, a character named Patrick says "Yeah on Nick Sterling's Cd you can hear Beatles songs, you can almost hear Strawberry Fields"  And then he starts to sing Strawberry Fields Forever.

Ed, Edd & Eddy
    In one episode of this cartoon, one of the Ed's says "I want a real story with octopus' gardens, silver hammers and Mr. Kites's"

The Electric Company
    In one of the skits, you can see Morgan Freeman holding a copy of Beatles VI

    During the first season, Sherry Stringfield's character's sister is going through drug withdrawal and asks her to sing her favorite song.  "Backbird" is the song that is heard through the episode.

The Facts of Life
    The name of one episode is "With a little help from my friends"

Family Matters
    In an episode called "Talk's Cheap"  Steve is on a talk show.  Also appearing on this talk show is a Paul McCartney impersonator.

Family Ties
In an episode where the family is talking about the hip music of the 1980's compaired to the folk music of the 1960's the Elise looks at her husband and says " wow this generation doesn't care that Eleanor Rigby used to keep her face in a jar by the door"

    In the first episode of this show of the 2001 season (original air date October 10, 2001) while Felicity is talking on the phone to her father, a poster of the Beatles can be seen over Ben's bed.  It is a familiar poster of the Beatles in the late years, where Paul seems to be somewhat hiding behind Ringo.

The Flintstones
    In an episode called "Laugh Laugh" there is a long haired band playing on the 1960's show, Shindig. Their managers' name is Brian Eppystone.
   A hillbilly family moves in with Fred and Wilma.  They drive the family away by imitating "The Four Insects," a band that the hillbillies hate.  (The Insects' hit song is "She said 'Yeah yeah yeah.'")

Freaks and Geeks There is an episode called "I'm with the band", that is basically all about Nick's drumming.   Lindsay gives Nick some suggestions on how to improve the band (practice the song was one of them) and when Nick makes the band do these things, Daniel calls her "Yoko" and blames her for breaking up the band.  Later in this episode, Nick fails his audition for a local rock band, and his friends try to comfort him.   He walks into the lunch area and they all applaud and Daniel says "There he is, Ringo Starr..." (original air date:  November 13, 1999)

     In another episode called, "The Garage Door", there is a scene where Ken meets Amy in person for the first time.   She is wearing her full band uniform, and Ken says "Hey Sgt. Pepper!  What did you do with the rest of the Lonely Heart's club band?"  To which Amy responds "I
don't know, it looks like you ate them."  (original air date March 13, 2000)

Full House
    In one episode about Danny's 30th birthday, the expression "ob la di,  ob la da" is used.  At the end of this same episode the family is seen in a convertible while the song "Drive my Car" is being played.
     In one episode, Joey and Jesse are trapped in the basement recording studio and they are yelling for help. Danny is about to go downstairs, and he faintly hears them saying "help!" So Danny says, "they're recording the Beatles song 'Help!'"

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    On the first episode of this show, Carlton is in the shower and can be heard singing a stanza from "Silly Love Songs."
    There is an episode about an interracial couple who is getting married. Carlton comes up with a medley to sing at the wedding. One of the songs he sings part of is the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder hit, "Ebony and Ivory"

    In one episode, Phoebe is finding out what she has in common with her mom. Her mom says "I like the Beatles" and Phoebe answers "Oh  my God, so do I!"
     In another episode, Phoebe and her boyfriend are talking at a New Years Eve Party, when Sam (her boyfriend's business partner) comes up to them. Phoebe says "Hi Sam." And Sam responds, "Yoko..." He says this because Phoebe was responsible for breaking up Sam and  her boyfriend's experiment.
    On the season Finale for the 2001 season, Monica and Chanler get married.    The song that Monica walks down the aisle to is the Paul McCartney love song "My Love."

Garfield and Friends
    During a "U.S. Acres" segment, there is a fairy tale parody in which one of the characters repeatedly tries to guess Rumplestiltskin's name. Four of the many guesses: John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Get Smart
An episode called "The Groovy Guru" starts with Agent 86 (DonAdams) wearing a Beatles wig, shades and a Nehru shirt, and with a sign saying, "Drop Out"exchanges passwords with a courier who actually works for KAOS.

Gilligan's Island (Dec 9, 1965)
    In an episode called "Don't Bug the Mosquitos," an American mop-top band called the Mosquitos land on the island for relaxation and fun.

Gilmore Girls

    In Episode "Let the Games Begin", Lorelai's feet are aching so she takes a break in Luke's diner. Ordering, she says, "Hey, unh, Luke, uh, we need a couple of donuts, and, uh, some of those extra legs Heather Mills is sending over to Croatia." In the same episode, Lorelai's dad is talking about a singing group he was involved with in his time at Yale: "A very famous singing group, actually. Like the Beatles, but with better table manners."
    In the episode "Forgiveness and Stuff", the song "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" is played.
In the episode "Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers", the song "Oh My Love"  was played.
There's an episode where Rory & Lane are looking through music of some sorts and Lane mentions Yoko & John.
Golden Girls

In one episode, Dorothy and Rose go see a Beatles tribute band play. Dorothy comments that she had tickets to the Shea Stadium concert, but couldn't go because her kids came down with chicken pox.  Dorothy ends up dating the man that portrays George in the band, but ended the relationship by the end of the episode.
Blanche's daddy comes into town to be a country and western singer, he's terrible and his show is cancelled. Explaining what happened, he says "I never should have done that Beatles medley."
Dorothy's daughter is getting married and when she tells Rose, she says "Kate hasn't been this crazy about a guy since Paul McCartney?" And Rose says, "Kate DATED Paul McCartney??" to this Dorothy says something like  "Yes, Rose, but before they got serious, I made her promise she would finish grade school"

Greg the Bunny (2002)
Greg's best friend is dating a rather dominating woman. She walks into a room and says hi to Greg. He looks at her and says "Hello, Yoko"

Home Improvement
    Brad gets a very trendy (yet very bad) haircut, and at first Tim is not too happy about it.  Then he talked to Brad and tells him how he wanted a haircut like Ringo when he was Brad's age.  Then he had to explain to Brad just exactly who Ringo was!

Joanie loves Chachi
    In episode 11, titled "Beatlemania", Joanie announces that she's seen  Paul McCartney incognito in a hospital, and she and Chachi lure the patient to a well advertised "rehearsal" with their band to improve  business.  Chachi doubts Joanie's news that the famous star has been hospitalized for exhaustion, using the name Marvin O. Pizika, until he and Annette see the young Englishman for themselves. When Marvin admits that he plays guitar and misses jamming with the lads back home, Chachi invites him to a jam session at the restaurant the following night. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi tell the world about Paul's appearance - never dreaming that he might not  be Paul. As they talk  after finishing the jam a man looking not unlike Ringo, sticks his head in the door, and  tells Paul to.." Hurry up mate,... we're running late.". The gang looks on in disbelief as Paul gives them a knowing smile!!  <Just a little side note, the man who plays "Paul" in this episode is none other than Mitch Weissman. the bass player for the band Liverpool, who I see at Beatlefest every year!>

Kids in the Hall
    One sketch features a party scene where Kevin MacDonald tells fellow party-goer Dave Foley that he has never heard of the 'Sgt. Pepper' album or The Beatles (he had spent the sixties shackled in his parents' basement). In the end, he was lying to Foley the whole time.
     In another skit, MacDonald is playing inebriated, foul-mouthed Buddy Holly, shortly before he, Valens, and the Big Bopper embark on their fateful flight. Holly remarks how he is on top of the world and that nothing can go wrong. He boasts, "Who knows? I could be influencing
four guys...from Liverpool...right now. It could happen."

King of the Hill

The dad was listen to some of the Cds his son, Bobby, wanted to buy at a Cd store.  He got to a disc from a band called "4-Skore" and he said "4-Skore?  Hmmm...sort of like the Beatles before they went nuts in India."

King of Queens

The girl on the show told her parents "I took down your poster of John and Yoko."

Laverne and Shirley
    In the episode where they are moving out of their Milwaukee apartment, the song "Yesterday" is played.
     During the theme song in the California episodes, the girls are seen kissing a large cut of out 1964 Beatles.   This cut out of the Beatles is seen in their apartment for the rest of the shows.

Mad About You
    Yoko was a guest star in one episode.  In this episode, they mentioned Yoko breaking up the Beatles (and how you should never mention this  around her).  At the end of this episode, Jamie and Paul are in bed, and Yoko is in the middle of them.  The song "give peace a chance" is
 being played.
     In another episode of the show,  Jerry Lewis was buying Paul collectable things.  Paul walks into his apartment and sees a drum set with "The Beatles" on it and says "You even bought me Ringo's drums?"

The Monkees
    An interviewer asked Davy Jones about a girl who mailed herself to him, Davy says" we shipped her to the Beatles."
     In the pilot episode, you see Mike throwing darts at a Beatles poster.
    There is an  episode where the Monkees are in Mexico,Davy is seen carrying a copy of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club band.
    The final episode opens with the beginning of "GoodMorning Good Morning".  

Monty Python's Flying Circus
   There is a sketch making fun of the clergy.  A quick bit involves Eric Idle dressed as John Lennon  saying, "I'm starting a war for peace".    (1970)

The Munsters
    The Standells, a rock group from Hollywood, are in town for a club appearance. They want a secluded place to stay in order to escape from their screaming teenage fans. Their manager pays an exorbitant fee to the Munsters to use their house for the weekend. The Munsters pack up and relocate to a hotel, but they can't get adjusted to its cleanliness and normality.  When they arrive home prematurely, they find The Standells singing, "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and throwing a wild party filled with far-out beatniks and hipsters.  The Munsters are initially shocked, but soon find that they fit in with these freaky people - who never once question their unusual appearance.

The Muppet Show
    One of the Muppet's full name is Sgt. Floyd Pepper
     During the 3rd season (1979) host, James Coco sings "Octopus's  Garden"
     During the 4th Season (1979-Lynda Carter is the host) there is an Indian sacrifice, and "Help from my friends" is performed.  In this same episode, Floyd singing "While my guitar gently weeps."
     During the 5th season (1980) host, Buddy Rich opens the show with "Goodday Sunshine."

My So Called life (1994)
Angela's mother informs her father, Grahm that "it turns out that Yoko didn't break up the Beatles after all.  It was all about Paul wanting his father in law to manage the band.  So why does Yoko take the blame all these years?"  To which Grahm answers "I don't know because maybe her singing career hasn't been working out?"

Mystery Science Theater 3000
    There are a TON of Beatles references in this TV show.  To read an
extensive list of them all CLICK HERE.

The Power Puff Girls
    On February 9, 2001, there was a Beatles filled episode of this cartoon, called "Meet the Beat Alls."  After watching it many times, I have composed a somewhat complete list of the references in this.

The Nanny
    Fran quoted a line from what she thought was a play. She said " All the lonely people"  Mr Sheffield said "no, that was Eleanor Rigby."

Pepper Ann
Hazelnut needs a new statue for the park, so Moose suggests Even Kenevel.  When on the news they asked for people's opinions one guy said "you might as well put Yoko Ono in front of the library."
Pepper Ann and Nicky's boyfriend are in an music shop. Pepper Ann hands him a  bassoon and he asks what it is and Pepper Ann says "Do I look like Paul McCartney to you?"

Quantum Leap
    In the episode "Good Morning, Peoria".  (September 9, 1959) Rachel Porter (played by Patricia Richardson) asks disc jokey  Howlin' Chick  Howell (Sam) what song he wanted to start with he says "Something by the Beatles."  Rachel doesn't know who the Beatles are because
they haven't came to America yet.
     In the episode, "Blind Faith" (February 6, 1964) Sam leaps into a blind pianist by the name of Andrew Ross.  It is the day before the Beatles arrive in America.  Al says he went out and bought himself a wig after seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show.  The Beatles help out Sam in
this leap.
     In "The Leap Home part 1" (November 25, 1969) Sam leaps into himself at the age of 16.  He tells his little sister, Katie, that the Beatles break up in the future.  He also tells her the great news that Paul is alive.  John is Katie's favorite Beatle, and Al tells Sam not to tell her about John's tragic death, instead Sam sings to her most of "Imagine"
     In "Glitter Rock" (April 12, 1974) Sam leaps into a singer in a Kiss like band.  Al mentions "the nozzle who killed John Lennon."

Dan  says-when talking about a co-worker of  sorts- "Some people thought I carried him." "Yeah right! Just like Ringo carried John, Paul, and George!"

Sabrina (cartoon)
     There is an episode where Sabrina and her friends get turned into mermaids and turning their under sea adventure, they run into a yellow submarine full of Beatles.
    In another episode,  Sabrina and her friends want to be rock stars.  In one of the videos they make they cross the street and there is a freeze frame where it looks like the Abbey Road cover.
Saturday Night Live
    On October 2, 1976 Jane Curtain tries to convince Eric Idle not to  perform his stunning version of "Here comes the Sun"
     On April 24, 1976, Lorne Michaels gives the Beatles a great offer (one of the most well known Beatles references of all times!)
              click here to read the full script
     click here to see how the Beatles parody band, The Rutles were involved
     Also in 1976, George Harrison appears on SNL with Paul Simon.  The very first skit shows George talking to Lorne Michaels, and trying to get all of the money that was mentioned earlier in the season.  George ends up saying the "live from New York it's Saturday Night."  George and Paul (Simon) sing "Here Comes the Sun" and "Homeward Bound" on acoustic guitars.  Beautiful!!
     A year later on April 23, 1977, Eric Idle and Neil Innes appear on the program again, and in a John Lennon fashion hold a telethon to save Britain.
           click here to see and hear this footage
     There was a skit with Eddie Murphy in which he claimed that he was the 5th Beatles, and that the band was really named "the Clarences" after himself, and that he had actually written most of the songs and he was their trumpet player.
    There is a Weekend Update interview with Paul and Linda McCartney on May 17, 1980.


     Ringo Starr was the host of the show on  December 8, 1984.  Among other things, he was in a sketch where he was put up for auction with Beatles memorabilia, played an unlucky man constantly hit by lightning, was in a "Bridge over the River Kwai" parody, was joined by his wife Barbara Bach for an interview by Billy Crystal's "Fernando"character and did a medley of his Beatles and solo songs with "Sammy Davis Jr." (really Crystal in make up) <This information was found in the Dec '84/Jan '85 issue of Beatlefan magazine>
    On April 18, 1987, there is a skit called "Heaven's Database" where a dead guy is asking an angel in Heaven a bunch of goofy questions.   One of those questions was "Which one's better, Beatles or Stones?"  To this the angel answered "Beatles."
     On December 19, 1987 there was a short skit where Dana Carvey plays the part of Casey Kasem.  It is one of those commercials selling records, and it is called "Casey Kasem sings the Beatles"
     On  October 15, 1988, SNL did a skit about one of the most hated Beatles biographers (I use that term loosely), Albert Goldman.
On April 15, 1989, there was another short skit for a commercial selling a Beatles record called "10 Beatles classics you kind of know the words to"
     In the later years of SNL, there was a skit where the body of Lenin was on display at a supermarket, and many teenagers came and were disappointed because it wasn't the body of John Lennon.
     In 1993, Paul McCartney was a guest on SNL, and he appeared in several funny skits, including one with Chris Fairly.  He and Linda also sang a chorus of the "red hooded sweat shirt song"
     On October 25, 1997 the Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson song "Say Say Say" is listed in a collection of the "songs that ruined everything."
     On February 8, 2001 there was a special Thursday night edition of SNL.  One of the skits in this program was a Celebrity Jeopardy game show.  One of the categories was "Drummers named Ringo."  The $400 question was this: This drummer named Ringo was the "Starr" drummer of the Beatles."  Sean Conary rang in and Alex asked him "Yes, who was the drummer of the Beatles?" Of course no one knew the answer.
<unless otherwise noted, the transcripts came from this web site: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/  .   It is REALLY cool.  Go check it out!>
The Second Hundred Years
    Someone on the street asks the main character, who has been frozen  in the Yukon for one hundred years and thawed out in the late 1960's, a question that everyone would answer yes to.  The woman asks "Do the Beatles sell albums?"  The man's reply is "Nowadays I wouldn't be a bit surprised."

    A "With the Beatles" album cover magnet is stuck on Jerry's fridge.

Sesame Street
    In the late 70's, the Sesame Street Beetles were a regular skit on the show.  It had 4 mop top beetles singing Beatle-type songs such as "Letter B" and "Hey Food"

Seventh Heaven
    Simon talks about having a band in High School. His father said "I have this tape with skiffle, its way before The Beatles".

The Simpsons
    There is an episode called "Brush with Greatness" where Ringo is answering his back fan mail from the 60's, and answers Marge's letter.   Marge asks Ringo what his real name is and drew him a picture of himself.  Ringo Starr's real voice is used in this episode. (original air date:  April 11, 1991)
     In an episode about Homer's barbershop quartet the, B-sharps, parody the Beatles story with it ending with a rooftop concert on top of  Moe's bar.  George Harrison's real voice is used for this episode. (Original air date:  September 30, 1993)
     There was an episode called "Lisa the Vegetarian."  Lisa meets Linda and Paul McCartney (once again real voices) and Abu sings Sgt. Pepper.  At the very end, Maybe I'm Amazed is played. (Original Air  Date:  October 15, 1995)
     In an episode where Bart does community service at a nursing home, the Beatles songs "Can't buy me love" is played,  and the old people in the nursing home dance to it and mimic the Beatles in the movie, A Hard Day's night.
    In one episode Lisa gets drugged, and there is a squance known as "Lisa in the Sky with Diamonds"
    In another, Homer is on a peyote trip and one of grandpa's friends gets in his face and goes "goo goo ga joob"
     There is an episode where Homer causes the Y2K bug to occur at midnight on 1-1-00.   While the world is coming to an end, the preacher is at the church saying "The Lord would not excuse your mini dresses and Beatles boots."  Ned Flanders is sitting in a pew and is wearing Beatles boots.  Ned says "I resisted wearing these for 35 years, why did I have to choose today?"   Also in this episode, there is a line of the most influential people who were chosen to leave Earth on a space ship and go to Mars.  Paul McCartney can be seen standing in that line.
    During the opening sequence of one episode, Bart can be seen writing "I am not the sixth Beatle" on the blackboard.
     For a detailed description of these Beatle references in The Simpsons and many, many more please follow this link to The Simpsons Archives

The Single Guy
     In an episode called "Pop," Sam discovers an old recording that he thinks is by the Beatles. (Original air date:  May 9, 1996)

Spitting Imagine (UK Puppet show)
    A song called "I never met a nice South African" is sung, and this line is in that song "I've even heard a decent song by Paul McCartney's  Wings..."

Three's Company
    Jack has a picture of the Beatles from the Let it Be album.
     Jack is at home with a lady named Rita.  He starts to kiss her and refers to her as "lovely Rita"

That 70's Show
There is a Wings poster hanging in the basement.

The characters of the show are describing colleges. One being described is McGill university. Cal, the reviewer, describes it as "I once knew a girl named McGill, but she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy, guy!"

Whose Line is it Anyway? (American)
    There is a game where the players have to answer only in song titles. Beatle titles they have said in this game include, Hello Goodbye, I am the Walrus, Help!, Get Back, Yellow Submarine,  Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Happiness is a Warm Gun, and Back in the U.S.S.R.
     On one show, Wayne Brady sings a song in the style of Yoko Ono and he mentions how she broke up the Beatles in the song he made up.
    During the introductions, Drew Carey introduces each player by using the title of a Beatles song (Twist and Shout, She came in through the Bathroom Window, Anytime at All, and P.S. I love you)

    During a dinner conversation, a man and woman discuss her father's love of singing along with Beatles music. They mention that the father was hard of hearing, and recall the father's stirring rendition of "Hey Jew".
WKRP in Cincinnati
    Dr. Johnny Fever plays "Come Together" on the show (this is only in the original episode, now they have replaced it for the reruns)
    There is an episode that aired shortly after John's murder about a ultra conservative pastor giving the station a hard time about their format and threatens to boycott the stations sponsors. At the end Mr. Carlson hands the pastor the lyrics to Imagine. The pastor replies, "that sounds like communism" then says, " Arthur, it says there's no heaven" to which he replies, "No, it says Imagine."
    John Lennon's White Album picture is hanging on a bulletin board

Wonder Years
    During the show, Kevin is seen with a Beatles '65 and a Beatles white album poster in his bed room.
     In the episode, "Rock n Roll," Kevin joins a band, The Electric Shoes when he is inspired by The Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show.  In this episode the Abbey Road album is mentioned and a cover version of "Blackbird" is played.  (Original Air Date:  January 2, 1990)
     There is an episode where the school has a walk-out protest.  During the walk-out "All we are saying is give peace a chance" is sung.
    There is an episode where Kevin is running for class president.   When the announcement is made over the PA about the results,  the principal announces that there are 5 votes for Ringo Starr.

The X-Files
Mulder is questioning a guy called Gerry Schnauz regarding the death of Schaunz's sister in 1980.  The conversation is as follows :
MULDER:        "Where is your sister Gerry?"
GERRY:          "She passed"
MULDER:        "Actually it says she committed suicide in 1980.  That was a bad year.  What else happened in 1980?"
GERRY:          "Well, John Lennon got shot."
(orginally aired in season four in an episode titled "Unruhe")

A clay bowl is found and the clay bowl's vibrations rendered into actual words in ancient Aramaic, the language that Christ spoke. The first part roughly translates into "I am the walrus, I am the walrus, Paul is dead, coocoocachoo."  (orginally aired season 7, show 18).

TV theme songs
Life Goes On = "Ob la di, Ob la da"
Wonder Years = "With a Little Help from my Friends"
Grace under Fire = "Lady Madonna"
Providence = "In my Life"

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Your not seriously typing all that are you?
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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
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94beatlesrthebest, where do you get all of this stuff?

And, for Gilmore Girls, there's this really long quote, but at the end of the quote, someone says, "...and George and Ringo are arguing in the back!"


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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
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Quote from: 1464
Your not seriously typing all that are you?

yup, you got me, I paste it, but what ever  :)

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Re: Beatles References in modern shows
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Quote from: 1301
94beatlesrthebest, where do you get all of this stuff?

from somewhere, but it's very simple.
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