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Wayne L.:
I think Ronald Reagan will be remembered as one of the last great presidents of the US who defined the presidency regardless if you disageed with him  politically or because he was a former actor since he was kind of similiar to Franklin Roosevelt except he was a Republican, a conservative & on the right who looked like a president in office image wise for his photo-ops & in his classic speeches as when the Challenger exploded back in 86.  I'm not a card carrying Republican or Democrat while I am an Independent & Ronald Reagan showed great leadership during his tenure in office with tax cuts & for a strong military defense which defeated communism in the former Soviet Union in the process but all you extreme liberal activists out there who hate Reagan & Bush with a passion even more so than Osama Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein give it a rest for the week like the Republicans would do for Bill Clinton in the future. 

I knew you'd get around to this eventually.

OK, Wayne, you have no clue and I'm done trying to give you one.

Onto the ignorelist you go.  All by yourself, too.

This will save the group from MY answers, as I have no regard for you whatsoever.  And it will save me having to read your inflammatory "opinions".

For the record Reagan was an idiot, a crook, and so stupid as to be dangerous.

Real good on TV.  That's all that matters to people like you, isn't it? 



Yeah Charlie, I have noticed that ever since he died...all of a sudden its all over that he was one of our best presidents... riiiiight.

He's being credited with single-handedly destroying communism for God's sake!  He did NOTHING.  Oh wait, he bankrupted them AND us by overspending on defense.  Everything he said he'd do he did the opposite (just like Bush).

It was horrible having him as governor for 8 years, THEN having him for President was The usual GOP tactics.

Yes, unfortunately people are supposed to be saints suddenly when they die.  Look how John was canonized..at least HE deserved it!

Frankly I'm sorry he suffered.  I'm sorry his wife suffered.  But how many millions suffered because of him?  What about them?


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