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Any luck Todd?


--- Quote from: tkitna on September 08, 2012, 12:14:11 AM ---I dont know. It can be done, but I would need to place a call or two. I'll see what I can do.

--- End quote ---
he aint even tried....


--- Quote from: pc31 on September 16, 2012, 10:18:17 PM ---he aint even tried....

--- End quote ---


No I have not,,,,yet. It doesnt matter, Marshall knows I love him.

we got a bromance.... ha2ha
jazmyns 13....timmy just got out of marine cadet camp...i posted a charmaine pic at face book...chuucky got a cell phone...sonia still an idiot...god how i despise her for taking my kids away when they we just getting older...any rate charmainer due in december...crew chiefin at currys again...f*** triple a...doing metal roofs...whats up my black person?

I saw the picture of Charmaine. She's a pretty girl, but what in the hell are you talking about that she's due in December? Are you crazy? You dont have the energy to be chasing little ones around after hot days on the roof pal. Whens the wedding date again anyways? Tell the kids we said hi. Timmy's going to make you a proud officers dad by the sounds of it. Jazmyns 13? Good lord. Matthew just turned 17 and Abbeys 15. Tell Chucky not to be texting the gals too much. Lol. Anyways, keep me posted on the life happenings.

Love ya brother.


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