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I told you it was a lady that kept him busy.

It was supposed to look not for him but for a woman-thief.

Hey Marshall. I to went through the big D finally too! I have been the single parent and the kids are with me so I stay on the run, but I am findimg some time to be here and do some posting. I would "I want to get the band back together" so to speak. i would love to get all of the Moondogs past and present toehter for a chat and see if we can revive the chat again....anychance we could do that? I would like to catch up with everyone. Also pm me I got a new number and all.
Talk to you soon pal,

Hello Goodbye:

I'm glad it's your birthday...
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Marshall!!

The BEATLES "Birthday" song

                                   i am so in love
                                        f*** me.....
it feels like the first time i swear to u....i thought i would never trust again....oooo yoko
more details as the need arises....


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