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hey punk where you been?????you two timing us with another forum????
you better not be doing that.....i wanna hear you are busy at working,playing and have no spare time....and you go to bad at the wee wee small hours....

An Apple Beatle:
Hello all.....you could say that PC. I am pleased to announce we just won a national rizla (the rolling paper company) competition to play at this years Isle of Wight Bestival as The Chancers. Quite a nice bit of free exposure....people diggin the tracks.

Also promoting loads of other band gigs locally and recording & writing and trying to be a boyfriend, uncle, brother etc etc.

Thanks all for your positive welcomes.

One thing that saddens me and I have held my thoughts until now is the destructive way that Juniors Farm is attempting to split up the forum.....Lets keep the love goin eh?

Bobber.....totally agree with locking that thread. What a waste of text for the human eye to see.

Anyways, back to the positive, I'm glad I got a place to rant off on one occasionally. Great idea getting this going....Should help clean up the flow of the forums a lot more.

If anyone wants to chat...post on here....

REAL Peace & Love.

peace, love and happiness is wrong, all you need is love

An Apple Beatle:
 ::) Sometimes it's just better not to post. ;D

I can say anything & welcome anyone I like on my mailbox right? lol

Hiya Rick! Been a while ain't it! That's great news about the band and the Isle of wight gig. Do ya need that guitar tech yet...... I really need and change of scenery........ ;D


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