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Anyone get the new Rolling Stone?  It's got an article about the 50 moments that changed rock and roll forever.  For some reason the Beatles coming to America isn't on there, however they seem to think the birth of Slim Shady is mighty important.  Does outrage anyone else besides me?


These lists are a dime a dozen nowadays, like awards shows. 

RS *should* know better, but obviously it's pandering to a much younger crowd for its advertising dollars nowadays.

Well they've always been complimentary toward the Beatles.  In fact they've printed several good articles, and given them the cover several times this past year.  And everyone knows they changed popular music more than any other group in history.  But I fail to see how eminem pulling himself up out of the gutter, to shout cusswords at cops, teachers, parents, and gays is important at all.

They must just figure that the Beatles are a given, I agree with the statement about Eminem though, don't see how his entering the music scene is too importaint

Wayne L.:
Meaningless polls on this, that & the other by the media like the once important rock magazine Rolling Stone is worthless & doesn't mean a thing.  I don't think anybody is going to remember Eminem in the next 10 years unlike the Beatles.


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