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Jennifer Lopez

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Wayne L.:
It's true that Jennifer Lopez also known as J. Lo. is one of the hottest & sexiest babes around with way to much media attention that it's sickening along with being a mediocre actress with mediocre movies as well as being a manufactured artist with crappy music & a mediocre performer of the worst kind even though she's more talented than 80's pop icon Madonna which isn't saying too much but her latest marriage to so called latin pop artist Marc Anthony signals to me desperation for publicity for the both of them while I give this so called marriage 6 months or possibly a year before it's all over like J. Lo's other ones.

Harlena McStarkney:
I think she is talented as a singer, and she's an okay actress, but I'm not really a big fan of hers.

I think she has a fat @ss and small ta-ta's. I just cant make the connection with her.

who gives a f*** about that overexposed tabloid ho?

I think shes is ugly


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