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I have a (e-)mailing list which goes out about once every 4 months or so to a variety of mainly US based Beatles fans (many of whom are previous eBay customers), in which I offer original Beatles/solo bootleg CD's. Labels include Walrus, Yellow Dog, Strawberry, Vigotone as well as many others. I used to occasionally sell these on eBay until it got impossible (they kept cancelling auctions and ultimately I was thrown off - but not because I was a dishonest seller: see my profile 'koenh2'). Prices are usually $27 for a single CD, although various difficult import titles (Japanese things like Voxx and Beatles Master Works for instance) are more expensive (so kick my supplier). They used to be cheaper but the Euro has become way stronger than the Dollar - and my supplier counts in Euros. Anyway if anyone is interested in receiving this list, email me at koreho@xs4all.nl... my most recent list was sent a few days ago and has an order deadline of Sept 27th, so if you ask for the list before then and choose before then I can have ordered items in stock about a week later.

The End:
Can the list be posted here?

Anyway, I'll do it for less...

The End:
It's quite rare to find 'original' not CDR bootleg CDs nowerdays! There were VERY few of them being sold in Liverpool this year.

... I don't want to post the whole list here, if only for bandwith reasons, so I'll do an excerpt if that's okay.

Also I have a 1500-titles non-Beatles boot list, all orig's by the way.

None of this I have in stock and therefore I work with an order deadline, after which I collect orders and forward them to my supplier. After a week or two I receive the material, payment can be sorted and stuff can be sent.

So, at random:

Original Decca Tapes     Yellow Dog YD011     1CD
Original Stereo Recording     OMR 97001     2CD
Paris Match     FFR9117     1CD
Platinum Volume 1     No label     1CD
Platinum Volume 2     No label     1CD
Please Me Do     Secret Trax ST200024/2 US     2CD
Pop Go The Beatles     Secret Trax ST200026/1234     4CD


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