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I've just read that has been shut down, as a result of Apple/Sony/EMI (pick one) hassling the guy who runs it.

I thought that he knew the axe must fall sooner or later. Once he started charging money, he knew it would have to be sooner! The huge amount of stuff he was uploading there is partly evidence for that; I see him as trying to provide as much material as possible so that those who had paid would get something for their dollars.

A bit sad. If he had been more discrete at the start, and offered a trickle rather than a flood, and not asked for money, he may have survived.

There ARE sites where Beatles material can be downloaded, if you're not prepared to go Mister Charlie's binaries road. I know a few of these sites, but I'm not going to give the URLs publicly, as bandwidth is always a concern for the people who make the material available.

well i paid the guy and he emailed saying some guy claiming to be from EMI called him and asked him for his address and all that, he said he refused to give it to him. He said the guy wanted to him a letter of reasons why he needed to shut down the site. But the guy said he'd email him the reasons. He said he'd post the email as soon as he got it.

that sucks!! Luckily I downloaded all the new albums before it got shut down, so I guess it was worth paying for thr subscription

And poor Alan is on vacation, he signed up as well.

I won't pay for anything I can get for free, and the site WAS awfully open.

It's a shame tho not to be able to share this stuff.


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