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4 Beatles Philippines 78rpms For Sale


At the moment, I have 4 original Beatles 78rpm records from The Philippines For Sale. Titles are:
No Reply / Rock And Roll Music;    
Roll Over Beethoven / Devil In Her Heart;    
From Me To You / I Saw Her Standing There;    
Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That    

All 78rpms are in Excellent New New condition with NO cracks. NO chips. No label tears & NO label writing etc.

If interested in prices to purchase any or all of these rare records, please leave me a message. Thanks.


were these in a collection of one of the haters that threatened the beatles when they supposedly snubbed the marcos woman??that would make them worth more....

I don't know. I bought them in a flea market in Manilla a while back so I don't really know their previous history than they are original and in Pristine condition.


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