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This is a variation of the one in the Different Conversations forum. this is beatles related. i really hope some people want to join so that

There are millions of different roles that can be added in a more complicated game with a huge userbase. For this first game, since I don't even know if anyone will reply to this, we will just have a standard play style.

The game is based upon two sides: The Beatles and the Townspeople. The beatles's main goal is too "win over" all the townspeople, while on the flipside the townspeople are trying to get rid of all the beatles. Simple eh? Not really. At the beginning of the game after everyone is signed up, I'll randomly pick two Beatles members and tell them that they are the Beatles via PM. If you don't get a PM, you aren't the beatles, don't cry about it, maybe you'll get another chance. The Beatles members will know each other, but noone else is to know who they are, so if you are the beatles, do not let on. I'll also PM a detective, who is on the side of the townspeople. He should not let anyone know who he is OUTSIDE OF THE THREAD, by all means reveal yourself in thread, but PMing info you receive is cheating and ruins the game. However, if the detective reveals himself/herself expect to be dead the next turn.

The game is conducted in two phases(These are not necessarily at any time period, the phase changes when I post saying to start the corresponding actions).

The first phase is Night, during this time the Beatles will PM me with the name of who they want to win over and the method of winning them over in as little or much detail as they wish and I'll elaborate on it. At the same time the detective is to PM me with the name of someone he/she wants to investigate. I will then reply to the PMs with confirmation for the Beatles and a message to the detective saying whether or not the person they asked about is innocent or guilty of being a Beatles member.

The next phase is Day. During the day is when I tell all the townspeople how and who were won over the previous night. Then it is up to you as the townspeople to use your skills of deduction to vote on who you think should be executed and named as Beatles. Each not won over townsperson gets one vote(if you're won over you can have input but your vote doesn't count, and don't spam just cuz you got whacked, you probably deserved it) and the votes are tallied by me. At the end when everyone has voted or a max of a day(real-time) has passed I will announce the person with the most votes and they will be executed. I will not tell you whether or not you were right about that person, but they are free to(however if you were beatles I don't suggest it). At the end when all beatles or all townspeople are dead I will then reveal the Beatles and the final results.

Keep in mind this is a game of deduction and trickery. Both groups should use their reasoning to decide systematically by following whatever clues they can deduce who is the right person to be executed, or in the beatles's case who is the perfect person to kill without being blamed.

Some of you may have played this game before, if not try it, it's fun. For the sake of fairness I will not be a player on either side. If you need more information just PM me and I can tell you more details or suggestions.

Lastly, if you are interested reply to this post stating you're in, "me me", or whatever other giddy childish response you can think of. Game will start when enough people have joined(assuming anyone responds to this at all).

The End:
I'll have a bash! :)

....hey! thats one...just 10 more, at least

im hoping for 22 total

Aye...I'll see how it turns out.


nice, 2 down and 9 more to go.

be funny as hell if wayne, LL and BP were in on it as well

btw, i will not be playing since im running the show.


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