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(Hi, this is my first thread in this new forum - I disappeared for a while around the forum update, but as you see, I'm now back)

I'm searching for pictures of where you can clearly see Paul's profile, the earlier the better, but not after 1970. They need to be of acceptable quality so you can clearly see his noseshape, nice and sharp. If you know about any such pictures, could you please post them here or give me the link?

It's all for my perverted little pleasures... ;) Nah, to tell the truth I'm working on a poster for my Design class, and I need Beatles profiles for the design. I got all the others by simply flicking through my copy of The Beatles files by Andy Davis, but Paul is the only one I didn't find a good picture of.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Here's some. I don't know if they're any good though! It's hard to find his profile!

Wow, ta! I owe you a dozen :) That will do just fine, they're great! *Starts saving to hard drive*

Thanks again :)


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