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Leave me alone?

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At the end of the fourth video of the Anthology there's a song sung by Ringo. I've never heard this before. Is it by the Beatles and is it named Leave me alone? And if it is, on what album is it?

I believe you're thinking of If You've Got Troubles, recorded around Help! but not officially released until 1995 (Anthology).

It's pretty bad, actually.

So it's on the Anthology album, then? Hmmm i haven't listened to it in a long time so this might explain why i don't know about the song. I'll go check it out...

and yes you seem to be corect. The song can be found on the Anthology album number 2 disc 1.
I kinda like it!

I like that song too! I don't get why it wasn't included in Help, I rather have 'If you've got trouble' rather than 'Act Naturally' which was a cover


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