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Liverpool Fantasy


Has anyone read the book Liverpool Fantasy by Larry Kirwan?

It's fairly new, from 2002/3 or someting. It's a fictional story of what the world would have been like if John, Ringo, and George had walked out of the recording studio in 1962 and the world (apart from Liverpool and Hamburg) would have never even heard of the Beatles. In the story, Liverpool has been taken over by a fascist group that has plans of running England that are similar to the Nazis, John is out of work and drank all day, Paul is a Vegas singer who changed his last name to Montana, Ringo lives of his wife Maureen's money because she owns a salon and gives him allowence while he drinks all day with John, and George is a priest.

It's a comedy that has its serious points, but it's deff. worth checking out if you haven't read it already.

If you have read it I'm interested to hear what you thought of it.

I remember seeing this on Amazon and reading the summary/reviews....sounded pretty interesting...


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