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While I was in the hopsital I learned a few new words.

In England, the word lift means Elevator.

Solicitor means Lawyer. (I think the U.S. people will get a kick outta that one)

Pants means Underwear

Underground means subway

Nappy means a babys diaper.

Anyone else know any?


Bangers and mash is sausages and mashed potatos.

When I was in Northern Ireland I heard so many different words from my reletives. When they'd talk about having "tea" I always thought they were talking about the drink but they were referring to their dinner.

I had someone there ask me if I wanted some lemonade and they gave me a glass of soda.

There's more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

The tube is also the subway, a queue is a line and a lolipop man is a crossing guard! I don't know how I know that last one. 


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