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--- Quote from: 185 ---I can't remember the songs name (Desolation Row?) but the Dylan line " somethings happening here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr Jones?" is brilliant. Sums up what was  going on perfectly. Genius.
It's on songs like this that I think his sneering vocal and "I don't give a sh*t" harmonica  all meld so well. When everyone else was seeking musical perfection he was content to sound like some punk bashing out songs on a street corner. (and some will see that as good and some as bad. For me it's good.)
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yes thats good! the song is ballad of a thin man!

yeah I have heard he just plays piano and turns away from the audience but still worth it!


--- Quote from: 197 ---No when you see him live, it will not be great, he sucks live.
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From what I've heard, he's either a hit or miss live. It probably doesn't help that he's started smoking again after quitting to record Modern Times. Silly man...

I saw him last year and thought he was great. He's a freaking legend for God's sake. You need to appreciate him for what his is at this point. My friend did point out though that he ended every sentence on a high note no matter what the song. Blowin' in the WIND. Like a rolling STONE. Forever YOUNG. Lay lady LAY. After she pointed that out, it got a little annoying. But oh well. He's Bob. He was never normal.

hahaha that would be so funny if he does that!!

I looked at some set lists from 2006 and he never seems to keep it the same from night to night!!

I really hope he does some old classics!

The thing that disappointed me was that he seems to have given up guitar. First I read that it's because he had arthritis. Then I read that it was because he just felt like it. So who knows. He didn't really play the keyboards though but he stood behind them the whole time pushing a few keys. Sort of like Brian Wilson these days. Only Bob stands and Brian sits. Maybe this is the new thing amongst eccentric musical geniuses from the sixties.


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