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Don't Let Me Down is an early power ballad.


Wayne L.:
I would consider Don't Let Me Down to be an early power ballad before the genre took off in the 80's with most of the nauseating rock bands at the time like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi & Poison even though DLMD is a Lennon masterpiece creatively, musically & artistically showcasing the Beatles at their finest back in 69 as well as not being cheesy or schmaltzy unlike most 80's power ballads.

Yeah, I would consider it a power ballad as's got that real in your face sort of feeling too it, but it's The Beatles, so there's always breathing room luckily.

slick rick:
its paul.........hes the one that pushed it to be what it is.
wayne are you avoiding me????????

slick rick:
once upon a time there was 3 little.........


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