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i know u guys the the ultimate beatles smarties :) so ive got some stuff i've been wonderin bout...if u can help out i'd be forever thankful :P
1. who is wearing which costume on the magical mystery tour cover?
2. what was the last song performed by the beatles during their final gig at candlestick park in 1966?
3. which album is 'baby ur a rich man' on? (i think ive asked this b4, but i forgot)
4. what/who was the song "im looking thru u" about/based on???

3. Well, I can assure you that it's on the Magical Mystery Tour album.

1.  Paul is first. Is he a gorilla? He has his watch on his right hand. He's the only one who wears it there because he is a lefty. Then comes George the bunny and Ringo is the bird? People think it's John because of the glasses, but if you watch the movie at one point durning the song Ringo is wearing those glasses in his outfit playing the drums. And finally THE WALRUS IS JOHN! Not Paul. As some conspiracy theorists would have us believe! Basically, they are wearing the same outfits they did in the movie!

4. I think Paul based that song on an argument with then girlfriend Jane Asher. She wanted to continue acting and he wanted her full time. I think.

The End:
The very last song performed at Candlestick Park on 29th August 1966 was Long Tall Sally.

4. According to

--- Quote ---[I'm looking through you] came about because Paul was annoyed about [Jane Asher] moving to Bristol, and he said: "I knew it was selfish. It caused a few rows. Jane went off and I said, 'Okay then. Leave. I'll find someone else.' But it was shattering to be without her."
--- End quote ---


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