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What are some movies you really like? Why do you like them so much?

The Lord of the Ring Series - Excellent adaptation of the books, excellent cast, the same incredibly well-written story.

50 First Dates - The greatest romantic comedy ever. It was hilarious, tragic, inventive, charming and they didn't cop out in the end. They made it work in spite of the hard truth. Rather than the typical maneuver to fix everything so everyone's happy.

Garfield: The Movie - Cinematic perfection in its truest form.

White Chicks - Looks like we'll be having double nominations for best actor from the same movie.

Chronicles of Riddick - A heartwrenching drama of the finest calibre.

The Lord of the Rings is fantastic as a movie, but average as an adaptation.  There was too much left out, made different, and too many things added in that either didn't make sense, were impossible where the book is concerned, or were just plain uncomfortable.  Like Frodo telling Sam to go home for instance. 

Star Wars.  Come on....who doesn't like Star Wars?

Back to the Future.  Best time travel movie by far.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.  Yeah it's smutty, but it makes a really great statement about how ridiculous censorship is.  Plus it's a great musical.  Even if the songs weren't hillariously written lyrically, they would still be good songs.

I watched 28 Days Later today for the first time.  People told me it was scarier than Dawn of the Dead so I had to watc it.  I have to say I was a bit dissapointed, because I really didn't think it was scary.  More of a comedy really.  There wasn't even much "infected" scenes either.  The real protagonists were the soldiers.  It was still a pretty good movie though.

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i liked the classic House of the Dead...excellent movie, amazing cinematography, and clever script.
i also loved!!! Van Helsing, the story was brilliant and the action was in your face buddy!!!


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