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All Together Now is the single that never was.

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Wayne L.:
I think All Together Now is one of the most underrated Beatles rock classics which hardly ever gets mentioned by fans even though it's a great song.  ATN is a song that should have been released as a single back in 68 because it's so campy & catchy instead of being kind of a throwaway track.  The Yellow Submarine soundtrack was a monumental waste of time but All Together Now has that peace & love hippie vibe which would have made it a great single at the time.

The song was far too slight and fey for a single.

Fun tune to sing with tho.

It's a nice, hidden Beatle track that only a few know about. However, it certainly was not single material by any stretch.

I agree with m.c. and Maria.
But it would have been nice to have the four new Yellow Sub songs on an extended single.And such a single would have meant more airplay for this song and Hey Bulldog.
It may well have sold enough to make number one in England where only global sales counted.

The End:
I'm of the opinion that this was the Beatles attempt at a Barbara-Ann-style song, ala the Beach Boys Party album - it has that similar 'loose' acoustic feel. I do think it's a great catchy tune, but there are far greater contenders for album tracks that should have been singles.


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