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Here's a game: One person says a question from a film and the next person has to answer this question with another line from different film. Could be quotes form interviews and stuff like that. Let's give it a bash:

What are you doing on the floor?

John in Help!


--- Quote from: 596 ---What are you doing on the floor?

--- End quote ---

I just have to adjust the decibels on the imbalance!  ;D

Shake in AHDN

Q: What did you say this stuff is?

Paul in Help!

Andy Smith:
Bah, Sheep's Head

paul's grandfather in AHDN

Q: Who bought the tickets for this trip?

Ringo in MMT

Oh! You mean that posh bird who gets everything wrong?

George, AHDN

Q: Is it? Is it really?

Millie to John, AHDN


George in Yellow Submarine

Q: Jeremey, could that be you?

Ringo in Yellow Submarine


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