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I am the Paulrus:
Question regarding the Cybermen: Since DW returned to the airwaves in 2005, a newly redesigned Cybermen from a parallel universe have been shown via John Lumic in 2006. In the series one episode, "Dalek", they show a classic Cybermen head in a showcase in Henry van Statten's alien museum. There has never been any reference an/or appearance of the original Cybermen from the planet Mondas (accept for an appearance of the mask or two). Were they somehow wiped out in a battle or galatic catastrophe? Have they kept quiet all this time? Were they somehow written out? There's been no mention of what happened to them. Or could we see the classic Cybermen reappear again? Could we see a faceoff of Classic Cybermen vs. New Cybermen? Or Classic Cybermen and New Cybermen joing forces to fight the Daleks?

I am the Paulrus:
For once and for all, I think i would be a great idea if they did a flashback episode of DW where the 11th Doctor would tell what led to and happened during The Last Great Time War. Cast Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston to reprise their roles as the 8th and 9th Doctors, Timothy Dalton as Rassilon. Rebuild the TARDIS set from the 1996 DW movie. Show the events of what led to and happened during and after The Last Great Time War. And then show the Doctor's regenerating from the 8th to his 9th self and how the TARDIS interior got redesigned from the movie to the 9th/10th Doctors' TARDIS. And then to conclude, what brought him to Earth involving The Nestene Consciousness in the episode "Rose" that re-launched the series. This episode would bridge the 1996 DW telly movie to the current series.

Hello Goodbye:

                                                        Holy thread revamp Batman!

I'm a big fan, although I've only watched the new series. Tennant was by far the best Doctor. Matt Smith is funnier and sort of charming, but sometimes I feel that he fails to create tension and excitement when needed. He always seems rather laid-back (compare Tennant's reaction when Rose is absorbed to the parallel universe to Smith's reaction to Amy's death and you'll see what I mean).

I'm really looking forward to the next episodes and I think Clara may just be my favourite companion so far.

The weeping angels episodes are always exciting and the Van Gogh one is a personal favourite of mine.

I always liked the Red Dwarf series. I thought it had the most origional writing and you couldn't ever get a cast of characters so perfect for the show!


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