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 When I was in New York City a few months back I got to stop by Stella McCartney's store. As a clothes freak, I adore going in to designer shops and checking out the stuff. Even though I'm not personally crazy for anything I saw, I'm still glad I went so I could see her "thing." Her clothes are a little more on the "tacky" side for me. Anyway...maybe she's got fans on these boards. I'll post some pics I found of her (on google) just for fun.

 (I know...everyone wonders why I'm continually creating threads about the Beatles kids. I swear I'm mainly a Sean fan, but I think they are all interesting enough to atleast be given some amount of attention. Disregard the whole thing if it annoys you.)

 I'm SURE she has a lot of fans of her designs, but I'll post some pics of them and you guys can comment (or not) on what you think. :)...
Some Stella designs...

 That's all I have time for now. I know that's not really a large list, but from what I saw at her store there were about three things that I thought were fairly "pretty" and the rest just didn't appeal to me. :) I'm more of a Donna Karan/Marc Jacobs/Ellie Saab/Lanvin type I guess. :)

Models were nice looking.....but seeing a female that looked a lot like Paul.....well, those pics freaked me out a bit.

Wayne L.:
I wouldn't be too surprised if Stella McCartney would be selling her clothes line on cable home shopping channels QVC or HSN before too long.

Stella's dresses are still quite sought after and highly paid for.  No QVC for SM.

She's pretty, but a bit odd looking.  Maybe it's just the jpg's, but there is just something...maybe that Paul look.

Her dad is prettier.


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