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--- Quote from: 668 ---[...] but hey thanx for posting your the first!!!!  :)
--- End quote ---

I let him ... this time! :P
Welcome to the club, DarkSweetLady!  ;)


--- Quote from: 596 ---Hi DSL. Hey, have u ever noticed that if u read your acronym backwards it spells LSD! how fab is that?
--- End quote ---

That is fab!!!!

Well, I like how peaceful and calm he looks on this one  :):


George and Mal: It's been time to tell us something about the decoraction, DarkSweetLady!

Ya. I have been a little busy the past couple days... But I love what you've done...

I love the 1st picture that harihead posted SEXY!!! (and mysterious) Lol!!! all the pictures are great...

Kaleidoscope_Eyes that was hillarious about that DSL LSD thing...


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