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I'm not so good at using the internet - or typing in english. But I was browsing the internet the other day, and saw this poster on a homepage


Apparently it is the original poster from when Beatles gave their only koncert in Denmark, thought it was kind of funny. I can help you with understanding the homepage - if you want me to. I have this email Sigurd_bjerkobing@hotmail - feel free to write me. So I can learn quicker

Welcome to the forums, SigurdB...Hope you'll enjoy them!  :)

This is the poster:

Is it you that's selling it?

Welcome to the forums, SigurdB ... hope you'll enjoy them!  :)

It's a shame it's such a boring poster or I think about buying it myself. It seems very cheap at

I talked with Jonas Wachner at the place selling them - he told me that it's the original poster that was hanging around in copenhagen. They aren't autographed but it's printed on - except Ringo - since he weren't at that concert. You can contact Jonas on Wachner@hansenhauberg.dk



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