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McCartney's Glastonbury Performance


So I watched Macca last night on Glastonbury (on the TV of course). It was the last performance of his tour and I thought it was marvelous. Really nice seeing him do Helter Skelter again! And hats off for performing in wellies. "Is is possible to rock in wellies? YEESSS"

Good stuff.

The End:
Bugger - I missed it!!! :(

I was really looking forward to Helter Skelter - how was it?

It was gooood. It envolved a lot of flicking between BBC2 and BBC3 to catch the performance but it was worth the effort  :) The only thing I don't like about Macca's band is the way that guitarrist of his makes things more complicated than they need to be, it's not close enough to George's style for my liking (which I know they perhaps wouldn't want to go for anyway) but I just really dislike both his guitarrists for doing that. Too dramatic for Beatles songs.

Wayne L.:
It's great to know Paul is finally playing Helter Skelter live after all these years instead of letting the Manson murders back in 69 dictate to him not to play this hard rock gem from his Beatles days.


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