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The End:
[quote by=Beatle_Ed,m=1078147975,s=4 date=1078190623]I was in my mom's stomach, and was so distraught I was born 3 days later.[/quote]

Wow - short pregnancy!

The End:
I had been really, really ill with measles, and had been off school for about 2 weeks. This was to be my first day back.

I heard my Mum turn on the radio and was lying in bed thinking how great it was that so much John Lennon music was being played, when an announcer came on and said that John Lennon had been murdered in New York. I just layed there in complete shock.

Then the phone didn't stop ringing - apparently all my family were asking how I was, not because becuase I'd been ill, but because of the news about John. Everyone knew how much I loved The Beatles - especially John.

Then my Mum and Dad came into my room where I was still in bed - my Mum was in tears and my Dad's face was drained of all colour - I was so upset.

I still went to school that day though and I'd like to say all the other kids were sympathetic... but they weren't - you know how kids can be sometimes.

When I got home that evening I taped every single news and radio broadcast with my little cassette recorder using a microphone pointed at the TV. They showed the Help! film that night - it was pointless really, in fact it just made me feel worse.

Because John was killed so late at night (British time), the newspapers didn't carry the story till the 10th December... I bought every single newspaper that morning. And then every magazine. Books I'd been after for ages, suddenly filled the bookshelves - In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works.

Ten years later I went to Liverpool for the first time, it was for a tribute concert celebrating John's 50th birthday. At the end of the show Yoko came on stage and the whole crowd started singing Give Peace A Chance - Yoko just broke down in tears, as did everyone else in the audience. She couldn't even speak and eventually just left the stage with Sean.

I wont ever forget that moment when Yoko was trying to thank us and couldn't say the words - we were united. It really is amazing just how much John Lennon touched us all.


I was in my mom's stomach too, so I don't remember. (I was born only in May, '81)
My family remember travelling in the car and hearing the bad news next day, on the 9th of December. After this, my sister kept asking everyone "Have you heard the bad news, John Lennon died!!" , when she was only 6 and didn't even know who John was.

Hats off to "The End". Touching story.

I was in my parents living room watching football with my mom and dad when the news broke. My mother and father didnt care about the beatles personally, but they knew they meant the world to me. When the event was announced my mother just kind of gasped. My dad looked at me as I got up and proceeded to my bedroom. I'm not sure what I did afterwards, but my mother came in a little later and asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I must have been angry because she told me that i looked at her and said, "I hope the guy who did this dies!" I was only 10.

My cousin who is the same age as me apparently went to school and found out about it (I didnt go) and he was so worked up over the news that my aunt had to go pick him up. Again, he was also 10. Yes it had an impact on everybody.

Wayne L.:
I was just getting up early in the morning on December 9th eating breakfast & getting ready to go to school when I heard the news about the tragic death of John Lennon which was a shock to me like a hit to the stomach like it was for most Beatles fans.  I just listened to John's music on the radio most of the day after I got back home from school even though I think it's ridiculous the way some fans are trying to turn him into a holier than thou figure after his death instead of the rock legend that he is & always will be.


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