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Doors: Touch Me

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Did you have a good life?
The program for this evening isn't new.
You know it through and through.
You've seen birth, life and death.
You might recall all of the rest.
Did you have a good life before you died?
Enough to base a movie on?

Jim Morrison

Touch Me:

At the end of the song, Morrison can be heard saying, "Stronger than dirt," which was the slogan of the Ajax household cleaning company, supposedly because the music of "Touch Me" resembled that of an Ajax commercial and as a mocking criticism of Krieger, Densmore, and Manzarek wanting to accept an offer from Buick to use "Light My Fire" in a commercial. The deal was aborted when Morrison opposed.


One of the most famous television appearances of the Doors is of the group performing "Touch Me" on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour along with the single's b-side, Wild Child. During the performance, Robby Krieger can be seen with a black eye - the result of a bar fight the night before.

Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger wrote this as "Hit Me," based on fights he had with his girlfriend. In a rare show of restraint, Jim Morrison insisted on changing it to "Touch Me."


Hello Goodbye:


Touch Me is my favorite Doors song.


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