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Simple. You post how you order George's ten post Beatles efforts, and after some time I'll tally up the results (10 points for first, 1 point for last) and we can have an overall ranking.

1. All Things Must Pass
2. Brainwashed
3. Living in the Material World
4. Cloud Nine
5. Dark Horse
6. Extra Texture
7. George Harrison
8. Gone Troppo
9. 33 1/3
10. Somewhere in England

Er ... Rowdy, you have this tendency to leave out an artist's important work. You did it with Ringo, now with George.

I'm not thinking of Electronic Sound, which however you should have included for completeness' sake. Rather I'm thinking of:

WONDERWALL, a wonderful psychedelic masterpiece
LIVE IN JAPAN, an excellent live album

Therefore, no play I'm afraid!

I purposely left those out because I just wanted to focus on his post Beatles output....Wonderwall (although very good) and Electronic Sound are hard to compare with the rest of Harrison's pop oriented solo career.....and I never include live albums because they're nearly completely made up of previously released material.

I only have 5 so ill do them

1.All Things Must pass
2.Living in the Material World
3.Cloud Nine
4.Dark Horse

Heh, you happen to have the best five albums of his though.


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