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Wayne L.:
Shaved Fish is probably the best of the greatest hits compilations with a great album cover as well from any former Beatle during the 70's showcasing John as the music genius that he was after the breakup of the Beatles. 

Nope.  That would be George's or Paul's Wings Greatest Hits.

 Well, I think Shaved Fish is kind of sparse. I own both George's and Paul's GH and they're OK. I mean, I much prefer George to Paul and would have appreciated a greater variety and no Beatles tunes. I love his Beatles work, but I would have loved to hear his solo stuff truthfully.

 Paul's is OK.

 George's BW boxset is wonderful, though. VAST improvement as far as I'm concerned. And still, the Lennon Anthology blows them all away to me. Production is so crisp and clear that its like hearing brand new songs. I also dig 97% of the John demos I have heard. Wow. Talk about beautiful.

Lennon Anthology and Lennon are my favorites. Just PERFECT box sets. If we're going for a greatest hits compilation, the best is Lennon Legend. The Wingspan set is a nice value, but half of the songs on it could've been exchanged for much better tracks, so it's a bit of a let down. As for George and Ringo.....well....all that's in print are their very short Best Ofs, unfortunately.

Thanks, I just bought "Lennon Legend" on DVD but have to get a DVD player.  Looking forward to playing it.


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