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john songs vs paul songs vs george songs vs ringo

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if you could only listen to either pauls songs, john songs, georges songs, or ringos from there beatles period for the rest of youre life whos would you choose i know that a lot of lennon/mccartney songs are co wrote but they still get recognised as a paul song or a john like tommorow never knows is a john song and penny lane is a paul song so who would you choose :)

Funny this. I've considered myself a bigger Paul fan over the years, but only a quick look at the discography and it becomes fairly apparent, to me at least, that it has to be John. To name but a few:

A Hard Day's Night
If I Fell
No Reply
I'm a Loser
Eight Days a Week
In My Life
I'm Only Sleeping
And Your Bird Can Sing
Strawberry Fields
I Am The Walrus
A Day In The Life
Come Together

I could go on!

oops i forgot to say which id choose id probably go for pauls stuff over the rest,john had loads of great songs but a lot of hit and miss stuff imo, george also wrote great tracks but loses out because of qauntity

Flaming Pie in the Sky:
Uh this is slightly short of IMPOSSIBLE!!!
I'd say Paul, but then I think of one of John's, like I Am The Walrus or George's While My Guitar Gently Weeps...
Sorry, just can't do it


--- Quote from: 687 ---Uh this is slightly short of IMPOSSIBLE!!!
--- End quote ---
Hey, another indecision freak! *high fives Flaming Pie*

I'm going for the easy answer: Ringo!


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