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john songs vs paul songs vs george songs vs ringo

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Flaming Pie in the Sky:

--- Quote from: 551 ---Hey, another indecision freak! *high fives Flaming Pie*
--- End quote ---

Haha right back at ya harihead  :)

Andy Smith:
Very hard, just too hard.
I would just Paul as he's always been my fav musically!

Flaming Pie in the Sky:
Those who have voted, how do you choose?!  :o

Dark Phoenyx:
I can't vote because when I listen to their music my preferences changes from time to time.  A few months ago I was heavily into songs like I am the warlus, Strawberry fields, Here comes the sun & Lucy in the sky, but right now I'm listening again to their earlier stuff.  But basically there are songs that I've always liked despite my mood.

In the last months these were the songs I listened a lot:

John's songs: Strawberry fields forever, I am the warlus, Tomorrow never knows, A hard day's night, And your bird can sing, Help!, Norwegian Wood
Paul: Got to get you into my life, Can't buy me love, Get back, Let it be, Hey Jude
George: Something, Here comes the sun, Taxman
Ringo: Octopus' garden

I remember there was a time when one of the songs I listened a lot were Lovely Rita and Fixing a hole.


Ringo's songs? Wha?? That would take about five minutes and you'd be done. Then what would you do with the rest of your life?


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