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Robert Whitaker


Does anybody know of there's a book in wich all the picture's of Robert Whitaker from The Beatles stads? He made the best Beatles pic's during the mid '60.

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Yeah, I have a book by Robert whittaker - I'll post the details for you when I get home tonight (no pun intended!). ;D

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Robert (Bob, as he is called on the cover) Whitaker's book is called "The Unseen Beatles" and was first published in 1991 by Conran Octopus Ltd.

You might still be able to order the book directly from them, here's their address:
Conran Octopus Ltd.
37 Shelton Street

ever off the job?

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[quote by=pc31,m=1088963986,s=3 date=1089337602]ever off the job?[/quote]

LOL! Nope! ;D


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