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Paul do not like meat eater...


Pauls employee are not allowed to eat meat while they are working for him.

I can understand paul a little bit, I am also vegetarian. but paul don't organise some vegetarian buffets or something.

They are allowed to eat what they want, however, they m,ust get their own stuff.  Paul serves veggie for whoever's interested.  Since he's paying, it's his right.

he with the money has a right to be funny

Paul pays for a veggie buffet, from what I've read, but there is nothing stopping the crew from going out somewhere for lunch or what ever.  I still stand by Paul for his decision, I wouldn't want to pay for others to eat meat when I myself feel so stongly against it.  And it doesn't hurt anyone to eat vegetarian food, just because it's meatless, doesn't mean that it isn't still food.  You can't die from it and It actually increases your chances of living longer.

The End:
This following story was in todays Daily Mirror in the UK.


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