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Why do we like the beatles so much??

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I wanna see your guys opinion on this i have two questions

1.Why does everyone (except for some) Love The beatles?

2. What do the beatles have that other bands dont?

3. Who is more skilled at songwriting beetween George Harrison, Paul mcartney and John Lennon.

I am just wondering what you guys think about this and stuff, because i dont realy know all the real facts about the beatles.

1. Because they rule.  They are all skilled musicians.  They revolutionized the music scene and most importantly, the songs and music are good.


3.Paul McCartney.  I dunno why.  Maybe I'm just in a Paul mood right now, but it will shift back to John soon

your answer to #1 was good, but lots of other bands have realy good songs too. And good music.

but they don't have Lennon/McCartney.  Thats what set the Beatles above the rest.

ps. how come ringo isnt on your best songwriter list?  He wrote two songs. ;)


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