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Madeleine. What do you think?

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So Kate McCann has now become an official suspect in the disappearance of her daughter. And if she is, then I'm sure Gerry McCann will be next. Personally I've been suspicious of them for quite a while. I mean. what parents - having had their daughter abducted - go off to Rome to see the Pope, and leave the other two kids behind? If it was me, I wouldn't want to let those kids out of my sight for one second. I'd be completely paranoid. And yet they go on a little mini tour of Europe.

They left all three of their kids alone in their apartment, to go dining with friends. This is a resort complex where you can hire a babysitter! It's getting very smelly.

What do you think?


--- Quote from: 483 ---It's getty very smelly.
--- End quote ---

That's what I think.

I think loads of kids go missing. It's heartbreaking and whatever the circumstances are it's never good. I just hope she's found and they catch the person(s) that did it but as time goes on there is less likelihood of it happening. It's a shame and my condolences to those involved but aren't there more impotant things going on?

well there are a lot of allegations going about that they would give them drugs to go to sleep, so that they could go out all night and not worry about them waking up, and supposedly they may have gave Madeline's to much and she overdosed and that they panicked and that is why they hid the body until the day the rented a van/car and disposed of her body.

I expect you read that in The Sun?


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