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OJ Simpson

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Karma. It wasn't instant, but it got him didn't it? ;D

I'm shocked! And he was such a nice man...

society created this monster....when he play pro ball he was on top of the world and was a celebrity....made great money,acted in a few movies and hung out with the jet set...after his career ended,he did car rental commericals and had no viable career....did the people who propped him up all those years help??no did those team owners help?no did he get a pension or residuals??? probally not was he a sensation any more????no
i think the factions that gave him his ego should answer for what they did to this poor murdering s o b.....they drove him to it....what's is it like to lose the adulation of millions??


Hard to say. I'm just left with the impression that he's a murdering S.O.B. anyway. The adulation of millions sometimes seems to have a way of disconnecting some people from their sense of humanity and conscience.


The End:
Plenty of other ex-stars, who also lost the adulation of millions, have not turned to murder and armed robbery.


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