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Peace Day

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Today's Peace Day. I don't know if anyone knows that. At 12pm all over the world people were supposed to stop for a minute of silence. Including those at war. Wonder if it happened anywhere. We did it at our school today. The kids really got into it. Just thought it was interesting. Too bad it's not more well known. It makes me think of John for some reason though. The whole peace and silence thing I guess.


Let's do it.


No concert? It can't be that serious an issue if their ain't a concert. If Elton John and Ricky Gervais can't be arsed then neither can I.

I didn't hear anything about it over here. I'll drink to it this afternoon.

Good idea. As I watch Samoa tear limbs of English public schoolboys today in France I shall dedicate one of my pints to it.
(I cease being english when it comes to rugby).


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